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Ottia is simple enough to be the first tool you use and versatile enough to grow with you as a maker.


Ottia is a first-in-class 3D-printer and maker-machine that is welcoming and accessible for newcomers while, at the same time, being highly capable for seasoned makers. From its large build area, to its swappable tool-heads, and portable go-anywhere, make-anything design, we see this device as being able to live and evolve with the needs of any maker from hello-world to hardware-hacking.


Best in Class:

Build Volume

Print Speed


Unlike most of the current options which have taken industrial machines from the 1980's and scaled them down to consumer sizes, we have redesigned Ottia's software and motion system from the ground-up to meet consumer needs specifically.  This allows us to offer a best-in-class working area that is 2ft. wide, a best-in-class print-speed of 150mm/s, all for a best-in-class price of less than $200.

Always Works

3D-Printers get a bad rap. They are fantastic, life changing machines but many people find it hard to use them because many of them can require near-constant maintenance. As a user, you just want to be able to use your machine without needing to get an engineering-degree to do so.

With Ottia's exceptionally modular design, this is never a problem. Every machine eventually wears down and Ottia is certainly not an exception to that; however, with swappable tool-heads and replaceable arm-segments, you're never more than 4 clicks and 2 clips away from a complete fix.


In addition to guaranteed up-time, Ottia's swappable tool-heads allow this one machine to be the only machine you'll need to buy for a long time. As technology advances and our business grows, we'll release new tools that will keep your Ottia Maker Machine up with the times.

Here are just a few of the up-and-coming trends in personal manufacturing that we are working on making automated tools for at OTS-HQ:

  • Multi-Material 3D-Printing
  • Fabric Cutting/Stitching
  • Full-Color 3D-Printing
  • High-Res Resin 3D-Printing
  • Multi-Layer Circuit-Board Printing
  • Multi-Color Batter Extrusion

Don't want to wait for us to get around to making a tool for your needs? No problem. At launch, we'll be open-sourcing the hardware and software behind our tools and arms so that anyone can make a tool for a niche application that we haven't gotten to yet.

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Ottia's no-nonsense software and ready-to-go design allow anyone to get started making right out of the box.

If you encounter any problems along the way, first-in-class the visual troubleshooter will help you fix overcome them in no time.

Can't think of what to make next? No problem. Each of Ottia's tool heads comes with an engaging project to help you understand the basics and come up with your next great idea in no time.

Still need some inspiration? Ottia is compatible with the hundreds of thousands of free designs and projects available on communities like .

All in all, Ottia is a sleek and elegant machine that can safely and quickly make a wide variety of anywhere you need it to.

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Don't be decieved by its simplicity; this is one powerful machine. Ottia has a top of the line build volume,  allows the use of any third party filament (PLA, ABS, PG...), has an advanced slicing mode for tweeking print settings, and is Open Source, letting you mod to your heart's content.

Click through to learn more about Ottia's killer specs.

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Want to welcome your students to the maker movement but not sure how to bring this technology into the classroom? No worries. Ottia was designed with learning in mind. Each of Ottia's tools comes with an instructional project to help you and your students learn all the basics of the both the machine and design process from the ground up.

Worried about safety? Don't be. Ottia has an all enclosed body with warning lights that helps keep little hands away from hot metal and moving gears.

Don't want to deal with troubleshooting bugs and machine down-time? Neither do we. Ottia is a hardware-software ecosystem that comes with a first-in-class visual troubleshooter that will help you fix overcome and learn from any problem in no time.

Our Personal Manufacturing Manifesto

Personal Manufacturing for the Masses

Over the past decade, there has been explosive growth in a new market called Personal Manufacturing. Now, more than ever before, it has become possible for someone in a basement or makerspace to bring any idea to life in a handful of weekends with a handful of tools, without the wealth of investment that has been required in the past. As such, this burgeoning field of personal manufacturing is both creatively and economically empowering.

However, entering this industry is prohibitive for many groups such as educators in matters of both cost and expertise. For example: knowing what to do with these machines (3D-printer, mill, etc.), typically takes having access to them. For many people without an accessible makerspace around, having access means buying these machines. Buying them typically entails spending 1000's of dollars on a bunch of machines that you don't know what you're going to do with. As a result, many institutions find that they can't justify such an expenditure and don't get involved in the industry.

We think that's a tragedy. We believe that it's of paramount importance that everyone get the opportunity to get their feet wet with these game-changing technologies and experience the creative freedom that they provide by bringing creativity into the 21st century. Ottia is our solution to finally getting personal manufacturing into the hands of the masses.


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