In addition to guaranteed up-time, Ottia's swappable tool-heads allow this one machine to be the only machine you'll need to buy for a long time. As technology advances and our business grows, we'll release new tools that will keep your Ottia Maker Machine up with the times.

Here are just a few of the up-and-coming trends in personal manufacturing that we are working on making automated tools for at OTS-HQ:

  • Multi-Material 3D-Printing
  • Fabric Cutting/Stitching
  • Full-Color 3D-Printing
  • High-Res Resin 3D-Printing
  • Multi-Layer Circuit-Board Printing
  • Multi-Color Batter Extrusion

Don't want to wait for us to get around to making a tool for your needs? No problem. At launch, we'll be open-sourcing the hardware and software behind our tools and arms so that anyone can make a tool for a niche application that we haven't gotten to yet.